Process Skills Strand

use appropriate tools for research.

Create maps. charts graphs, political cartoons, etc.

Identify sequences, themes, and patterns

Evaluate a source's point of view and how it impacts interpretations of events.

Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source.

Analyze and interpret a variety of sources (eg. Maps, globes, text, letters, charts, graphs, political cartoons, etc.)

Integrate, compare, and synthesize evidence.

Construct valid arguments through the analysis and synthesis of information and support those arguments with evidence.

Produce clear and coherent communications in which the development, organization, and style of delivery are appropriate to grade-level task purpose, and audience.

Articulate his/her own ideas while building and presenting ideas individually and collaboratively.

Civics and Government

Recognize and explain the necessity of rules and laws and why they are important in a society
us govn.

Understand that shared ideals and diversity exist in American society

I Have a Right to Be a Child
By: Alain Serres (book)
Recognize that citizenship has rights, privileges and civic responsibility
rights and responsibilities
Responsibilities in a community

Mine and yours
By: Joy wilt Berry
Defines the local government as people or groups who make, apply, and enforce rules and laws within a community (city council, school board, county commission, etc.)

We the Kids
By: David Catrow

Economics Strand

Identify the consequences of borrowing and lending

Recognize that needs and wants are met through spending and saving decisions
needs and wants
needs and wants
Needs and Wants video

List goods and services of communities, which are paid for by taxes

Geography Strand

Identify the difference between political and physical features on a map using geographic tools, grid systems, symbols, scales, and a compass rose to construct and interpret maps
features of a map
geographcial features
games for third grade

Examine physical characteristics of your community
community characteristics

Discuss characteristics of urban, suburban, and rural areas and how these ecosystems impact human activities
urban, suburban, and rural communities
you tube-communities

History Strand

Research individuals and their contributions to Topeka and Shawnee County
Topeka history/people

Research the background of individual communities within Topeka and Shawnee County
Topeka neighborhood info.

Explain holiday customs and ceremonies celebrated in Topeka and Shawnee County by specific cultural groups (e.g. Mexican Fiesta, Germanfest, Pow Wow, etc.)
celebrations in the community

Identify and locate historical sites within Topeka and Shawnee County
historical sites
historical sites area

Constitution Day-Beginners Guide
Constitution Day Video 2:53
Purpose of the Constitution